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Our Services

Airtight Energy Consulting provides comprehensive services to help builders, developers, and architects achieve ambitious efficiency goals for buildings. These services are available for single and multifamily homes, small commercial buildings, and major renovation projects. We will work with you to identify a package of services that best meets your project's needs. 



HERS stands for Home Energy Rating system, and it is the industry standard for measuring building efficiency. We will analyze construction plans, offer technical support, and provide onsite inspections to achieve optimal energy ratings. 


Passive House

Passive House is a standard for building efficiency that significantly reduces the building’s ecological footprint. We can provide design consulting or verification for your Passive House project. 


Energy Code Assistance

Energy codes are becoming more complex, with higher standards for building efficiency. We will help customers understand their options and perform services such as plan review, envelope analysis, and blower door testing.

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