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Energy Code Assistance

Building energy codes are becoming more and more complex. In Massachusetts, the energy codes are updated every 3 years, and the most recent update includes three distinct versions - Base Code, Stretch Code, and Opt-In Specialized Code. Understanding what the code requires and identifying steps to compliance is a major hurdle to project planning and execution. Challenges include:

  • Navigating the differences between the residential and commercial energy codes

  • Identifying the specific variations for new construction, major renovations, additions, and change of use.

Insulation Installation in Room
How can Airtight Energy Consulting support your project?

Airtight Energy Consulting, Inc. has extensive experience teaching and understanding the energy code and assisting project teams with compliance.  


Our energy code assistance services include:

  • Energy code trainings and overviews

  • Plan reviews for energy code compliance

  • Blower door testing for residential, commercial, and mixed use buildings

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